Your Story, Your Way

Photography is an investment
 and, from the very beginning, it should feel like you. 

From the location to the styling, I want it to feel authentic to your story. We’ll work together to create the perfect session. Whether we’re on your families farm, playing in a creek, or hiking through the woods, the focus should be on the love you share with the ones around you. 

Our time together begins as soon as you click that "book now" button, not when we start shooting your session. I want to get to know you - know all of the things that make up you and your family. We'll chat about life, parenthood, your kids, their likes and dislikes, and all of the things you enjoy doing together. Can someone play an instrument? I want to know that! Does one of your kids have a special talent? Tell Me! They hate peas? I want to hear that too. 

All of these small, seemingly insignificant things, are actually the big things, and they're the things that we'll use to tailor our time together to craft the session of your dreams. 

Can only be booked Monday through Thursday evenings.

Three locations to choose from. 
Troy Farm / Carpenter Lake / Normandy Oaks

The Short & Sweet Session is for anyone who's just looking for a quick, simple session, with a few images. You will still receive the same attention to planning your session, but they will be held at one of the three locations above. You will receive styling suggestions as well, but will not have access to the online styling portal.
You will be given the option to purchase additional photos, or upgrade to a full gallery upon delivery. 

This option is not available for newborn sessions or extended families.

20 Minutes
10 Images w/option to upgrade

Short and Sweet


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The Doe


Includes a 45-60 minute session, for couples or immediate family, and one location within 30 miles of Oak Park, MI.

Styling and wardrobe coordination.

All of the best professionally edited images, delivered to an online gallery where you can download, share, and purchase prints, albums, and artwork. *25 images guaranteed.

Full Printing Rights. Granted print release to allow you to print your photos as many times as you wish.

Lifestyle session for immediate family, adventurous couples, friends - just about anyone. 


The Stag


 This is a 90 minute session, within 30 miles of Oak Park, MI.

Styling and wardrobe coordination for everyone in the session.

All of the best professionally edited images, delivered to an online gallery where you can download, share, and purchase prints, albums, and artwork. *40 images guaranteed.

Full Printing Rights. Granted print release to allow you to print your photos as many times as you wish.

Locations outside of the 30 mile radius will be charged an additional 58 cents per mile, and locations 100+ miles away will be charged a separate fee to allow for any travel expenses the photographer might incur. 

For larger, extended families, couples, or anyone who just wants to take a little more time - up to 7 people. Additional family members can be added for $25 per person, just let me know how many will be joining when we book!

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Families / Maternity / Newborns / Couples

All of my lifestyle sessions are approached with the same goal in mind - to create a visual image that transports you back in time. The focus will be on connection and real moments, not on forced poses and fake smiles. We'll play, we'll laugh, and we'll create some beautiful memories. 

These sessions are meant to be meaningful. We'll find the perfect location - your home, family farm, favorite park, cabin - anywhere that sparks that "warm and fuzzy" feeling, and completely tailor the session to your family. Once the location and feel of the session have been planned, we'll go over clothing and outfit selection. You will receive personal style recommendations from me, as well as have access to my styling portal.

-A note about newborn sessions. All of my newborn sessions are strictly lifestyle. I do not provide any props, outside of the blankets I normally carry with me, and I do not do any posing of baby. My philosophy is that this new chapter deserves to be documented in the most authentic way possible. 
Wanting to bundle a maternity and newborn session? Let's chat about it!

*This session is for immediate families only. Additional people will require a 48 hour notice, and a fee of $25 per added person.

*Travel fees may apply if outside of my 45 mile radius 

Lifestyle Session


45 to 60 minutes of shoot time
Full digital gallery

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Organic Storytelling


3 hours of shooting time
full digital gallery

Have you ever had those times where you think to yourself, "my gosh, I wish this season would never end. I wish they could be this small, or I could keep this moment, forever."? That's exactly what these Organic Storytelling sessions are for. 

Think of these sessions as a documentary - a day in the life of you. I want to immerse myself into your life, and the lives of your families, and document them as they are - beautiful, raw, and in the moment. Completely unposed and natural. 

I'll come to your home, or any location of your choosing, and we'll capture all of that everyday magic. Breakfast, chores, board games, ice cream trips, bedtime routines - it's all magic. When we look back and reminisce, it'll be those moments that leave the biggest impact, and, as a mother myself, I wholeheartedly believe they should be documented. It's true what they say, time is fleeting, my friends, but maybe we can slow it down for a moment.  

You will still receive personal styling recommendations and have access to my styling portal, but we'll pay careful attention to making sure the outfits coordnate with the scene we're trying to portray. If that means everyone is in pajamas, so be it! You'll receive a full digital gallery of the best edited images.

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1. Do you travel?

4. Do you offer a client closet?

3. When will i receive my gallery?

2. Who is included in the session price? can i include my pets?

I absolutely travel, and would love to come meet you and your family where you are! All travel is included up to 45 miles of Oak Park, MI. If we're traveling farther, separate fees may apply. Travel is reserved for my Lifestyle and Organic Storytelling sessions. 

Short and sweet sessions will be delivered within 2 weeks. Lifestyle sessions will be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks. Organic Storytelling sessions will be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. 

All session pricing includes you and your immediate family (parents & children), any additional person after will be an added fee of $25 per person. Pets are ALWAYS allowed at no extra cost. Please include your pets!

At this time, I do not offer a full client closet, however I do have some carefully curated pieces, and will occasionally purchase second hand and thrifted items that I think my clients would love. I do also offer a styling portal, Style and Select, that can be used as a guide or for purchasing items for your session. As convenient as a client closet is, it's more important to me that your personalities to shine through, and that's just not as achievable when everyone wears the same five dresses.


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