That’s what I’m after.

Natural, real connection.

This is your life. It’s crazy. It’s messy, unorganized, and beautiful. And I want to capture it. Every single moment. The joy you feel when you’re looking at your child, the butterflies you get when your person smiles your way, or the calm you get just from being in their presence - those are the things that inspire me. 


 - To capture the love you share for the people around you, and make those memories last forever.

I love, love.  Love in all it's forms.

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Love Notes

“Highly recommend! Jessica made us feel so comfortable and let us be ourselves, which made our photos and experience so special. She put in the effort to make sure that we were happy and that not a moment of our special day was missed. She paid attention to details and those little moments. Her style and creativity truly made our photos incredible!”

— Sarah 

“OMG Jess! They’re fu*cking gorgeous! I’m about to cry! You have such a great eye.”

— Stacy

“These are BEYOND BEAUTIFUL You just took my breath away. I cannot wait to post these on the website for everyone to see. These are fantastic and I cannot wait to work with you again in the future.”

— Marissa

“Omg! These photos! I’m seriously so obsessed!”

- Angel

“Wow! These are amazing!!! You’re really talented. We had so much fun I was worried our faces would look odd but these are beautiful!.”

— Larissa

“You are a talented and badass photographer! I can't wait to work with you again on another project.”

— Jessica

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"For the wild hearts, crazy romantics, and unapologetically authentic souls." 

Whatever stage of life you’re in, it is worth remembering. 

Dirty hands, messy faces, banged knees, and missing teeth. Flour filled countertops, messy farm chores, and dirty hiking boots. The arms around your neck, whispered secrets, and love that feels endless. Those are the moments that make up a lifetime, and those are the moments that we cherish forever. My mission is to document you, document the ones you love, in the most real, authentic way possible, so that you're able to look back on these photos and remember just how beautiful your every day life was.

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